Best Motorcycle GPS

Motorcycles are adored by many for their elegance and swiftness in control for recreational purposes. However, as a rider you may want to explore new regions, therefore you will need a positioning system. Over time, navigation has been improving to the point where we have motorcycle GPS systems bundled with Bluetooth capabilities, interactivity through touch and wide displays and protection from harsh weather elements.
Garmin and TomTom dominate the motorcycle GPS industry with Garmin’s Zumo 590 model widely adored by riders.

The Garmin Zumo 590LM, an overall winner in the Garmin line of GPS systems features a five inch touch sensitive display which can be oriented vertically or horizontally. 590LM’s screen is sunshine-readable, dons a hands-free instruction technology via its Bluetooth technology. Offers music capability with the MP3 system. The casing is fuel and water proof for durability and it can be customized to select meandering routes for streamlined and fun-filled experience.

TomTom rider leads the ranks in the TomTom’s line of GPS systems. It features a large sharp display, allows you to choose your own path, that is its greatest

feature. Bundled with it is free lifetime map updates and weather friendly. Suitable for those on a budget.

Garmin Zumo 390LM comes in second in Garmin’s line of GPS systems. Boasts a sturdy design with sunshine-readability. Bluetooth enabled fro hands free navigation. Furthermore, you can download free lifetime map updates. Has a built in digital fuel meter that allows you to determine the next time you need to refuel. Also you can check your motorcycle’s wheel pressure with Garmin 390LM model.

BMW Motorrad Navigator has Bluetooth capabilities, comes loaded with maps, updates are available through the lifetime map updates which are free. Has a large touch display which can dual-orient. The colored display can be customized to suit your eyesight needs. You can load extra maps though a microSD card.

Garmin Zumo 220 has a very intuitive interface, sunshine-readable and regardless of night or day travels, does not strain your eyes. This system comes ready to use from the manufacturer, with protection from water, fuel sprays and UV rays. Added features are voice prompt and a digital fuel gauge. Offers a thrilling adventure with the turn by turn directions system. However, the mapping is limited to few locations.
Garmin zumo 665LM boasts a large storage capacity with which you can program routes in your computer and load to your GPS system, also you can share route plans via microSD card with friends, as with all Garmin products, it is waterproof, a wide intuitive touch display and sunshine-readability.

For a unique and splendid 3D view of your location, the Garmin Zumo 660LM is the navigation device to have. Comes loaded with city maps, it has a great display with a digital fuel gauge, free lifetime map updates and protection from damages resulting from water, UV rays or fuel spill. However, unlike the 665 model it does not have an XM receiver.

TomTom rider 400LM offers a winding roads option with which you can customize to suit your adventures and avoid straight paths. Boasts a long lasting battery, large display with accuracy in color display and sharpness of color. It is a compact navigational system with free lifetime map updates. You can manually load your preferred routes via a microSd card.

Amazon Fire TV vs. Roku

Making the decision to use Roku or Amazon Fire TV can be a difficult task. Weighing the pros and cons and each before making the final purchase can help users make an educated choice in the matter. Before reviewing the pros and cons, a deep understanding of what each one consists of is important to make the right choice.  

Amazon Fire TV is a small network appliance and entertainment device created by the Amazon website used to stream digital video and audio. It refers to two generations of microconsoles and digital media players. People who use this appliance have the option to play videogames with it as well, either a mobile application, an included remote, or a videogame controller. The developmental code name for this device was Bueller, derived from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The appliance was first available for purchase on April 2, 2014. The second generation came out in 2015 and offers improved processor speed. The second generation was released with a videogame, Sev Zero, and has 4K UHD support. The other option, Roku, offers high quality content in the form of channels. The name comes from a Japanese word meaning six. Anthony Wood created the company. The device offers services from many partners. Roku have had six generations of digital media player set-top boxes available throughout history. The appliance may be used with any television set if proper cables are owned. Sometimes it is hard to decide which would be the best choice, but knowing what you need and what’s available can assist your decision making.

Amazon Fire TV allows viewers to access free and subscription services directly from their television. Streaming video services such as Hulu, Showtime, Netflix, YouTube, Crackle, Watch ESPN, and many more are all available for viewing on Amazon Fire TV. Amazon runs faster and smoother than similar systems due to its increased processor speed, and memory size. It also includes a few videogame titles and a voice search option, while many similar video streaming devices do not.

Unfortunately, Amazon Fire TV has a few disadvantages users may want to know as well. One common concern is the voice search feature. While it is a unique feature, it still has its downfalls. The only results shown when using this feature are from This is a good option for current Amazon Prime subscribers who watch a lot content from Amazon’s library. However, if the user prefers to use a wide selection of apps to stream movies and television shows, the device requires manual selection. The used must load each app individually and search within them for their choice of video. The device set-up box has its own set of disadvantages. The boxes are not the only option as a method of streaming TV. One example of another option is Google’s Chromecast. The tiny device allows users to plug it directly into the HDMI slot on the television set and stream wirelessly from any capable device. Smartphones, tablets, and computers are all capable of streaming to the television. It has less channels than Roku. The invention of smart TVs has created competition with their ability to stream without the help of this device.

The Roku has many features to consider when deciding whether to purchase the Roku or Amazon Fire TV. The Roku has a few advantages to consider. One pro is the price. Rokus are available for purchase for as low as $49.99 and as high as $99.99. The LT version is the cheapest of all internet TV streaming devices and still provides all of the TV channels. It supports 720p HDTV as well. It offers an overwhelming over 600 TV channels. Roku allows viewers to not only view special channels, but private ones too. Private channels are ones that aren’t vetted by Roku and people can put up their own. Roku is easy to use and navigate for anyone. Roku also has the best search function that allows users to find things by title, director and actors. 

While Roku offers benefits, a few cons are present too. Users cannot create a favorites category of shows. Roku does not allow interconnectivity. Roku does not permit users to stop and begin from separate locations. Few internet sites actually support high definition internet. The signal is sent quickly, but most providers can’t handle that a signal so high. It is another box beside your TV. Sometimes it may seem like it clutters your home sitting alongside your videogame system, DVR, DVD player, satellite box, etc. There are benefits and disadvantages to both, but knowing them can help you decide what is right for you. If you’re still not able to decide which streaming device is best for you, you can click here for more reviews about these two device.